A Night for Baby Katie Rose

A Night for Baby Katie Rose : Fundraiser in Memory of Amanda “Maida” Kelly – Hosted by Scot Kelly & The Dynamics

Too many people wanted this to happen. Inevitable.

Will this go down as one of the best local shows of all time. Yes. It will. Guaranteed.

Original bands Iconoclast, Goodnight Boy and Etoile Noire will be rocking Babylon all night long! Scott Kelly and the Dynamics will play some songs off the new album dedicated to Amanda!

  • Awesome Bands, check!
  • Over 15 different local artists will be auctioning their art all over the walls of Babylon at the same time!
  • Art, check!
  • Free original album for all!
  • Free stuff, check!
  • Games and door prizes… Check!
  • Alcohol check@!
  • Dancing YuP!
  • Pool and games check!
  • Fundraiser and Tribute to an amazing woman who passed away too early in her life and for Katie Rose her daughter! Check!
  • Making a person smile from heaven. Check 🙂

This night will be also a cd release party of a 12 song original album dedicated to Amanda, my wife, who passed away suddenly on June 25th. The title of the album is called Amanda’s songs.

There will be 12 originals written for her or original songs she liked. A link to the page to download the entire album will be given out to everyone that comes. There will also be a silent art auction in order to support local artists where they will keep 100% of anything they sell. Also, there will be 4 original bands playing. Goodnight Boy, Etoile Noire, Scott Kelly and the Dynamics and Iconoclast headlining the show.


Tickets for the Fundraiser can be bought at exhālō spa 130 Riocan Ave, Nepean, Compact Music @ 206 Bank Street, Downtown Ottawa or Compact Music in the Glebe at 785 Bank Street, Ottawa Ontario.

A Night for Baby Katie Rose

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